Halloween is the Greatest of Nights

Every year we get inspired by the magic of the Halloween Season, and especially the atmosphere of Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary. Whether Mickey Pumpkins or the fall banners down Main Street, this Not-So-Scary season is so magical and fun!

And of course, no Halloween party will be complete without one of the biggest star of the show, Jack Skellington. Taking center stage during the fireworks, he says this line “With a Lot of Adventure and a Bit of Fright Halloween is the Greatest of Nights”. Using Jack as the main focus, in his classic cross-body pose, this design uses elements that evoke the whimsical feel of Jack’s story. At the top of the design is a heart shape that resembles Sally, Jack’s true love.

Each colorway evokes a different Halloween feel - the frightfully colorful, the orange and red (also gives me late 90s fashion vibes) and the vintage brown, a true classic.

Whether at home or in the parks, this design will surely be a great addition to your fall wardrobe this year!