[SPECIAL EDITION] It's Always Ice Cream Weather TIE DYE

Ignite the Magic

  • $32.00


Warm weather is officially here - and that also means we can all use some delicious Mickey Ice Cream during the hot weather at Disney! This easy and airy shirt is your perfect go-to Summer Shirt with a special hint of Disney Style! This light colored design is refreshing and can help you beat the heat in Summer!

This is a vintage All-American Boardwalk inspired design, reminiscent of the beach towns all throughout America. Ample Hill Creamery at the Disney's Boardwalk was our initial inspiration for this design, but we added our own take to make this design perfect for wherever your pursuit of ice cream takes you!

In the background is a big Mickey sun shining! We distressed this design to give it even more of the old beach shop feel. Whether in Florida or California, Mickey + Ice Cream are never hard to find! We added big ocean waves at the bottom to add to the beach feeling. All type face is custom made to match the design!

Whether you're going to the Disney parks, beaches, or just chilling in the hot summer days, this shirt is a great addition to your wardrobe!

- Ignite the Magic Original -

Color Options:

Sherbert, Purple Dreams, Funnel Cake

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