Tale as Old as Time Collection

From one of the most well-known and beloved Disney tales, with its legacy extended to Broadway, live action, and rides around the globe, this masterpiece of the Disney Renaissance Era, our latest design is sure to leave you enchanted.
Contrasting between the top and bottom, we wanted to evoke the warmth of yellow and gold surrounding our princess Belle, like her kind hearted natured accented by elegant flourishes. Wearing her signature yellow ballgown, she’s looking down at the Beast. In the top center, the red rose that controls the Beast’s fate is show in the iconic stained glass style, symbolizing all of the Castle’s inhabitants wish for the Beast to find true love, and be loved in return. Next we see some of the loveable inhabitants of the Beast’s castle, like Lumiere, Chip, Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth. All of them open their arms and hearts to welcome Belle as their guest. Finally, in the bottom of the design, the colors turn cold like the icy snow that surrounds where the Beast resides. But underneath his harsh exterior, the Beast we know that is capable of kindness and love still resides, shown through the red heart in the center bottom of the design.
With colors both true to the film and fun interpretations, this shirt is perfect for fans of the Beast, Belle, and those who believe that true love and kindness can thaw a cold heart. The romantic love story shown in this design is a perfect accessory to your next trip and also great for days you need magic at home.