You Are the Magic



We were inspired by the brand new music in our new sets design - “You Are the Magic” is such a beautiful message to end your day with. We all have the ability to create magic in our everyday lives and keep the Magic of Disney with us everywhere we go!

Using the color palette of the 50th celebration, we feature Cinderella’s castle styled in all her beauty, with flourishes and sparkles surround the design to represent the enchanting elements of the fireworks show. As always, a custom Tinkerbell sprinkles Magic and mystery in this design, as she does every evening when she flies through the sky. We've also hidden a few silhouettes of our favorite mouse in the design! We chose an elegant typeface to accentuate the theme, and tied it together with accented colors, designed to match the various shirt colors.

While influenced by the fireworks at the Magic kingdom, we believe this design is perfect to bring on adventures wherever you find they take you.