About Us

"If you can dream it, we can make it!"

Custom Clothing with a Magical Twist

Together, our mission is to create cool clothing

that shows off our Disney sides,

both inside and outside the parks.




email: itmdesignco@gmail.com


Ignite the Magic was born out of a simple thought: lets create something different and original together. Late in 2016, with 5 WDW trips under our belts, we decided we should move to the mouse. In order to make that a possibility, we decided we needed to pursue something completely different. While toying with the idea of starting our shop, we gave ourselves a test: if we could come up with more than 25 shirt design ideas in 24 hours, we would start to seriously look into how to make this happen. We came up with almost 40.


The Artist

Ricky is the main designer and graphic designer for Ignite the Magic. He also hand presses every shirt with meticulous attention to detail. Ricky has been an award-winning Wedding, Portrait, and Event Photographer in the Baltimore/DC area for more than 10 years. Before that, he worked for a video game company (one of the games he worked on is now available on the iTunes store). In college, he studied Graphic Design and Photography.

His Disney Story

Ricky's love of Disney began in 2013 when we went on our first Disney trip for our honeymoon. Beginning with our first trip, Ricky began collecting special Mickey related items, such as Steamboat Willie merchandise. When at Disney, his favorite thing to do is visit all of the cool shops.

Favorite Disney Park: Magic Kingdom
Top 5 Rides: Mine Train, Frozen, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Test Track
Favorite Disney Snack: Gummy Bears & Mickey Ice Cream
Favorite Disney Movie: Maleficent
Favorite Disney Song: Moana - "How Far I'll Go"


The Dreamer

Stacy was raised in Pennsylvania after graduating high school, Stacy spent a year studying abroad in Japan, during which and immediately after she wrote a blog focusing on culture differences and sharing her experiences. After returning to the US, she has spent time working as Ricky's full time assistant and as a barista, coffee master, and trainer for a major coffee company. Stacy spends a good portion of every day managing the Ignite the Magic instagram as well as drawing rough drafts of many designs and planning their next trip to Disney.

Her Disney Story

Stacy was fortunate to be born into a Disney loving family. During her youth, she had the chance to visit Disney and experience the magic first hand.  While in Japan, she had the chance to visit both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. When at Disney, her favorite thing to do is try all the unique food offerings.

Favorite Disney Park: Epcot
Top 5 Rides: Mine Train, Expedition Everest, Toy Story Mania, Carousel of Progress and Mickey's Philharmagic
Favorite Disney Snack: Raspberry White Chocolate Cookies
Favorite Disney Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite Disney Song: Tangled - "I See the Light"