As Long As We Both Shall Live - Unisex Styles

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 The Haunted Mansion first wowed guests in 1969 with its eerie take on a haunted estate and has since become one of the best known and most loved attractions at Disney Parks across the world. In 2006, the attic scene featuring the bride received a revamp that transformed her into a beautiful woman with a murderous tendency to get rid of her husbands.

“As long as we both shall live” – a seemingly normal phrase, routinely said by couples exchanging their wedding vows. But Constance Hatchaway’s husbands did not know how soon they would part from their new bride.

Near the top of the frame the iconic Haunted Mansion door crest appears, giving off an antique and spooky vibe. In the center of the picture frame are hand-drawn elements of the Bride’s hands, holding onto the hatchet. On the Bride’s arms are the lace sleeves of her wedding dress. The colors in the design were chosen to represent the classic purple and green accent colors of the Haunted Mansion attraction. The “Black Widow” edition, as Constance is also known, emphasizes the word “BOTH” with a blood smear type face and the word “LIVE” being cut in half, giving a nod to her murderous intentions. Additional distressing is added to the design to give the design a vintage feeling.

This design was intended for haunted mansion fans, but also adds a fun and spooky element to Disneymoons, bachelorette trips, and to any Halloween party outfit!




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