Black Label - Vintage Dumbo Carry You Up - Youth Shirts

  • $18.00


"The Very Things That Hold You Down, Are Going To Carry You Up & Up & Up"

The famous quote from the little Timothy Mouse to encourage the cutest elephant in the world, Dumbo! Proof that your friends can help lift you up, Timothy helped Dumbo learn to fly and embrace his differences. This shirt will encourage you when you're feeling down, and remind you that you can rise to the top from where you are, just like Dumbo!

The design is inspired by the vintage circus flyer designs. In this design you can see lots of beautiful Victorian style flourishes that form or end with heart shapes. The word "YOU" is larger than any other word to stand out and encourage you.  The circus tents on the bottom symbolize your hardest moments. And just like Dumbo, you were meant to rise from that dark place to the top and fly!! You see little Timothy is so happy and cheering for Dumbo as he's going UP, UP, & UP!

Every time you wear this shirt you will feel special and encouraged! You will feel like you can conquer anything that comes your way!

This is another premium design exclusively by Ignite The Magic Design Co. that you can only get it from our store.


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