Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky Original Print - Unisex Jersey

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"I Will Ride, I will Fly.  Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky" 



Whether enjoying the view of Happily Ever After or watching the Festival of Fantasy parade, Merida's theme is as unique as it is memorable. 

This design is centered on showing the playful free spirit of the renowned archer Merida, a princess determined to find her own destiny. At the top of this design, Merida is drawing her bow as she practices her favorite sport of archery. Her bouncing red curls captures her wandering personality and sets her apart from traditional princesses. The top center shows the Family Crest of King Fergus. The white lines mimic the wind as it flows behind Merida as she is running and riding her horse. The letter "D" in the word "Wind" is designed to look like Merida's bow. The small symbol you see is the Celtic bird she carved on her beloved bow in the film. Attached to the bottom is Merida's belt that features her medallion that also holds her arrow pouch. Next to her belt is Queen Elinor's pendant that she wears throughout the film which, just like Merida's medallion, also features three Celtic bears. These are next to each other, because even though Merida and her mother have different ideas of the responsibilities of a princess, they both risk their lives to save each other in the film, showing how deep the bonds of family go. 

Perfect for days spent dreaming of chasing your own destiny, or wandering around Fantasyland and perhaps even spending some time with Merida, this shirt is a perfect accessory for those who want to feel extra "Brave" as they take on their day.


Unisex Jersey - Unisex Spirit Game Day Jersey. This Shirt is oversized and we recommend sizing down for a tighter fit. Colors: Dark Green****, Black Glitter, Navy

****Note: This color will be subject to an extended 3-4 week turnaround to ship after 10/12 at 10 PM EST.