Everything is Possible, Even the Impossible - Unisex Tees, Tanks, + Raglans

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Everything is Possible, Even the Impossible

Mary Poppins was a ground breaking film when it was released for many reasons, particularly that it was an incredibly ambitious film that combined live action and animation. The story itself also saw many pieces coming together to inspire us to imagine more and to believe that “everything is possible, even the impossible”.

The beginning of every year presents each of us with a new opportunity to try something new, take new risks, and to believe it is possible. We want this design to be an inspiration to each of you – that when you want something, you can achieve it. We believe this is a theme present throughout much of Walt Disney’s work and even his own life and we believe that he is truly such an inspiring figure to many of us.

In this design we combined the old and the new films together. Starting with Mary flying in the corner over the detailed London skyline (including the nostalgic chimneys that Bert swept), holding onto her umbrella and signature carpet bag, Mary Poppins is flying to meet the Banks children. Vibrant colors, reminiscing the scheme of the film, create a colorful background. In the “P” of the word “possible”, we find Mary’s Parrot umbrella handle, who pipes in occasionally in the films. In the bottom left corner we see the kite that Michael and Jane Banks flew with their father George Banks at the end of the first film, now with the patches that were revealed to be the bank shares in the second film. Next to the kite are the iconic adorable penguins who double as dancers and waiters with Mary and Bert. By combining elegant and classic typefaces with vintage whimsical flourishes, we wanted to create the classic early 20th century feeling that is conveyed in the films. The phrase “Can You Imagine That?” appears in the design, giving an extra dimension, much as it did as background theme throughout the new film. These two phrases remind us that with Mary Poppins, anything you can imagine is possible.

Mary Poppins is a story that has inspired many generations and one that still resounds with people today. We hope that our tribute to the story of the importance of family and having imagination will inspire you throughout the year. Perfect for your next park trip to Epcot or Magic Kingdom to meet Mary, or as a reminder you are never too far from the magic, even at home, this tee is perfect for every Mary Poppins fan.


Unisex Tees, Tanks + Raglans:
Crew Neck - Black, Navy, Natural
V-Neck - Black, Navy
Tank - Black, Navy
Raglan - Red Sleeves, Navy Sleeves

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