Find the Courage to Soar - Unisex Styles

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 Walt Disney’s Dumbo has long been a favorite for many people because of the encouraging story to embrace what makes you unique. Dumbo was struggling to find where he belongs until his friend Timothy showed him that he could even soar if he tried.

There are many times in our daily lives where we need encouragement or an extra “push” to believe in ourselves and go further. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting your daily chores done and other times it’s to go after our dreams. With this design we wanted to encourage everyone to soar to new heights and go after their dreams.

Dumbo’s story is centered around a turn of the century circus so we wanted to bring all the whimsical and colorful vibes of the circus into this design. Beginning with Dumbo soaring through the golden hoop which resembles a ring of fire, he is being encourage by his dear friend Timothy to keep going. The words “Find The” appear in classic cinematic style lightbulb font which we choose to emulate the wonder and curiosity of the circus while “courage” appears with a gorgeous red to blue gradient in a vintage and elegant decorative font with 3-D golden accents. “Soar” appears in sky blue with a royal blue accent to give the reflection of the clear sky, with an almost glass-like appearance. Sitting at the top of the design is a gradient letter “D” because he is the star of the design and the Flying Elephant attraction. Branching off of his letter are gold flourishes and structures to give the design our signature elegant and whimsical feel. Throughout the design you see the shooting and sparkling stars to create the wonder of the night sky as Dumbo’s show comes to life.

This design was made for those who love Dumbo’s adventure – whether it be a magical day at the Magic Kingdom, a trip to the newest movie premiere, or simply when you need a magical fix in your daily life.


Unisex Styles:
Crew Necks - Black, Cardinal, Navy, Dark Green,
V-Necks - Black, Navy, Royal
Tie Dye Tees - Navy, Royal
Unisex Tanks - Black, Navy

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