Grab Hold of Your Dreams - Youth Sizes

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Grab Hold of Your Dreams

and Make Them Come True

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When the final firework has ended and the music dies down, Magic Kingdom's Happily Ever After fireworks leaves us with a powerful message - to grab hold of our dreams and make them come true. This shirt is extremely special to us at Ignite the Magic, as this is something we have been able to do because of our love and support from the Disney community. 


 From our very first trip to Walt Disney World in 2013, the spirit of Disney has had a deep effect on our lives in a very warm, loving, and magical way. We found ourselves constantly wondering when we could book another trip "Home". To us, and many others out there, Disney is more than just theme parks; it truly feels like a second home that we can always escape to when we need to feel the "Magic".


One year ago, "Happily Ever After" made it's debut as the new nighttime show at Magic Kingdom. After viewing it for the first time, we felt energized to continue pushing and make our dream of moving to the magic a reality. When things got difficult, remembering back to the phrase "Grab Hold of Your Dreams and Make Them Come True" helped us remember to keep our dream in mind.


In this design, you'll see lots of stories and symbols of well known characters that are featured in Happily Ever After.  Starting from top: Cinderella's castle with Tinkerbell flying over top, just as she appears during the show, sprinkling pixiedust and magic over us all. Rapunzel's lanterns are slowly rising along the castle while the infamous rose from Beauty and the Beast appears in the middle. You can find Snow White's apple on the left, and the Bell of Notre Dame that Quasimodo rings on the right. The flourish under the word "dreams" is a pirate sword from the Pirates of the Caribbean. The Shield of Hercules and Genie's Lamp from Aladdin begin the second part of the phrase. Cinderella's glass shoe, the spiral symbol of "koru" from Moana, and a dragon and lotus symbol for Mulan appear in the lower half, framed on the sides by an icy spell from Elsa and Merida's crest and Ariel's bubbles on the right. The colors highlighting that "Dreams Come True" and hidden Mickeys sprinkled throughout roundout the design.

While there is noway to put all the characters that inspired us all in one design, we thought these elements give the design a perfect balance of powerful, love, loyalty, dreams, and wishes. With all of the hidden elements, this shirt is perfect to wear to any of the Disney parks around the world. Whether wearing this at the parks or at home, we hope when you are wearing this shirt, it can inspire you, help you to get through tough times, and encourage you to grab hold of your dreams that much easier.  

We wanted to release this design once we moved to Florida because we were finally able to make our biggest dream a reality and we want to encourage all of you to keep pushing for your dreams as well.