Happee Birthdae Harry - Unisex + Women's Tees, Tanks, & More

Ignite the Magic

  • $25.99

It's time to celebrate Harry's birthday! This design is based on the cake Hagrid made for Harry when he arrived at the Dursley's shack by the sea on Harry's 11th birthday.

Hagrid, despite his rough exterior, has an incredible soft spot for Harry. And Harry, having never truly celebrated his birthday and being rationed chips from his Uncle Vernon, happily shares his cake with Hagrid on the adventures through Diagon Alley.

This design is based on the cake given to Harry in the Film. The letters were drawn by hand and enhanced to give dimension to the design. This design also features a crease through the letters, also present in the cake Hagrid gives to Harry.

Harry's 11th birthday marks the beginning of his new life in the Wizard World and is celebrated by Muggles everywhere. Perfect for Harry's Birthday, your own birthday, or for the Harry Potter fan in your life, this design will delight all of Harry's fans.


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