Hurry Back We've Been Dying to Have You - Unisex Tees, Tanks, Raglans

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Whether celebrating at home or in the parks, many of us love ushering in the Fall and Halloween season with Disney, and especially the Haunted Mansion. A staple of Disney Parks since it opened at Disneyland in 1969, the Haunted Mansion’s been a fan favorite and made many of us want to “Hurry Back”.


At the end of the attraction, you hear the ghosts telling you to “hurry back” and that they’ve been “dying to have you”. And just like the attraction, our friends Mickey and Minnie are riding in a doombuggy. Taking inspiration from the murderous bride Constance Hatchaway’s bridal portraits that can be seen in the attic, our favorite Hitchhiking Ghosts are playing a prank on Mickey and Minnie. Just like the ride, the ghosts are switching Mickey’s head, mimicking the disappearing heads in Constance’s photos. On the top left of the design we see the infamous Madame Leota looking down at Mickey while her famous Raven with red eyes is near.


On the left side, the word “dying” features the infamous hatchet of our bride as the “I”. We can find all three hitchhiking ghosts in the design, as well as a hand reaching out towards the doombuggy, like the various spooks we meet on our tour through the mansion. With the classic Haunted Mansion typefaces and elegant flourishes in the design, we created this to both remind you of the ride and inspire your inner ghost host.


Even if you’re celebrating at home, this design will be a perfect addition for fall. And if you’re making your way back to the parks this fall, this design will have you ready for your next tour.

Available Styles:

Unisex Crew - Black, Navy, Forest

Unisex V-Neck - Black, Navy

Unisex Tank - Black, Navy

Unisex Football Tee - Black, Heather Navy

Unisex Raglan Tee - Heather Charcoal Sleeves/Black Center


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