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Moana from Motunui is far from your average princess – determined to save her island and her people, her bravery and courage is unmatched. When met with obstacles (not knowing how to sail), she is guided by her loved ones to push on and keep fighting to restore the heart of the Tefiti.

Using elements from Moana’s Polynesian culture, we wanted this design to be an ambitious and beautiful reflection of her story. Using the idea of the sky and sea meeting, we made the top of the design the sky and the bottom half the sea. On the top we can see the clouds and stars reflecting the night sky guiding Moana on her journey. The long cloud forms the “O” symbol found in Moana’s logo. Underneath on the left side is a vintage compass, a tribute to the wayfinding traditions in Polynesian cultures. In the center of the compass we can find the heart of Te Fiti. On the right side is our Heroine Moana. She’s in a fighting stance, holding a paddle and showing her fearless attitude. Next to her on both sides are her loyal pets Pua the Pig and HeiHei the Rooster.

The bottom half of the design beings with “Sea” – which is filled with tattoos similar to Maui’s, as well as Maui’s hook forming the “S” in the word. To the left we see Moana’s boat sailing under the starry night and being guided by the spirit of the ocean that helped on her journey. On the right we see the tattoo styled Maui with his thumbs up and holding his favorite fish hook surrounded by waves. Finally at the bottom we see the spirit of Moana’s grandmother in the form of the Stingray that guided and protected her on her journey. This design is accented by tropical style flowers around the design.

Perfect for the summer season, or anytime you want to embrace your inner wayfinding princess, this design is great for any fans of the movie. Whether enjoying a stay at the amazing Polynesian resort, a trip to Aulani, or even a trip to the beach! The water and night sky elements in this design will keep you cool and refreshed (or so we’ve heard).


Women's Tanks + Tees:
Flowy Tank - Black, Maroon, Heather Navy, Dark Green (no xl)
Muscle Tanks - Black, Navy*, Maroon, Dark Green, Midnight
Sideslit Tank - Shiraz (2XL only), Antique Denim (No L)
Slouchy Tee - Navy Triblend, Black(no L, no XL)
Football V-Neck - Navy

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