Journey Well - Unisex Tees + Tanks

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JOURNEY WELL - सुरक्षित यात्रा ("surakshit yaatra")


The Animal Kingdom is home to many rides with stories that tie into the conservation efforts of the park. Kali River Rapids, one of the best ways to cool down at Disney, also has a deep backstory to the ride. Since 1999, Kali River Rapids has been wowing guests with its twists and turns and the thrill of possibly getting soaked, but it’s important story can often be missed if you aren’t looking close enough.

As we begin our journey through the queue, you can see the slightly abandoned statues, shrines and overgrown ruins of once important cultural artifacts. Kali River Expeditions, the name of the tour company who arranged our expedition, states that their mission is to show the natural beauty of the area so the village can turn away from illegal logging and habitat destruction.

Once in the ride, we see the lush beauty of nature, but once we go up the hill, we can hear chainsaws and smell smoke, before we see that the Tiger god has taken revenge and the river has begun to erode the banks where the illegal logging is taking place. Towards the end of our journey we find ourselves passing through a temple dedicated to the Tiger God who is protecting the river and the Kingdom of Anandapur.

In this design we embraced the South Asian themed art style of the “Asia” section of Animal Kingdom. Using Devnagari script (used in Sanskrit, Nepali, Hindi and many other languages), the phrase “ सुरक्षित यात्रा ("surakshit yaatra" or “safe travels”) appears at the top. Using symbols found around the Kali River Rapids ride, you see the Tiger god that is protecting the river by spitting out the rushing rapids that destroy those who try to harm the beautiful nature of Anandapur. His message to those of us who wish to enjoy the beautiful nature is much kinder – “Journey Well”.

The Ancient Edition includes an option to add another image of the Tiger god that can be found on the trash cans in Asia to the sleeve. This is another option to adding more flair to your Animal Kingdom-inspired outfit.

When creating this design, we wanted to embrace the “local” culture of Animal Kingdom and bring the ancient traditional vibes to this design. Perfect for the hot days at Animal Kingdom, or maybe even a trip east, the Tiger god will protect you as you “Journey Well” on your next adventure.

Styles + Colors:

- Unisex Crew Neck Tees: Black, Navy, Natural, White

- Unisex V-Neck Tees: Black, Navy, White

Ancient Edition - (optional add-on) tiger arm badge on left arm +$4

- Unisex Tanks - Black, White


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