Meet Me in Arendelle - Unisex Long Sleeve Styles (Hoodies, Jerseys, Sweatshirts, Tees)

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When the movie Frozen debuted in 2013, it quickly became one of the most iconic films in modern times. From the catchy theme, "Let It Go" that was stuck in our heads, to the characters we grew to know so well, it's message of love between family affected millions of people worldwide. Now, after 6 years, the long awaited sequel has finally arrived! To celebrate this new adventure, we have added another design to our "Meet Me" collection and are finally introducing our most ambitious design, "Meet Me in Arendelle".
In this gorgeous and intricate design, we see Elsa and Anna are wearing their new attire from the sequel. While Elsa is using her ice spells all over the kingdom of Arendelle, Anna is being the playful little sister herself hiding behind an object. Their eyes make contact, as they share a true connection and bond that taught us how love between sisters can overcome anything. The world "Arendelle" is the centerpiece, presented in a elegant and regal typeface, reminiscent of the kingdom. Custom with hand-drawn elements for this design,  it is elegant and storytelling. At the bottom, we see the most beloved snowman, Olaf! He's excited and amazed by the Autumn leaves blowing in the wind, having fun in his own world. Next to Olaf is the most famous reindeer Sven, trying to catch up with Olaf but instead only catching a leaf in his mouth. The whole design is created in a cheerful and playful mood. But if you look closer, the danger that surrounds Arendelle from the new film can be found in the ice crystals Elsa has conjured. 
Our other version of this shirt features the regal typeface, perfect for matching with family to go see the new film, meeting Anna and Elsa in Epcot, Olaf in Hollywood Studios, or experiencing the magic of Frozen at home. As the winter holidays are fast approaching, these shirts will make a great holiday present for your friends and family who love the magic of Frozen!

Unisex Styles:

Crew Neck Sweatshirts - Black, Indigo Blue, Maroon

Pullover Hoodies - Black, Indigo Blue, Maroon

Long Sleeve Tees - Black, Navy



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