My Kinda Trash - Women's Tanks

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At the end of Toy Story 4 we are given a sneak peek into Bonnie’s next adventures where she brings home a companion for our newest friend Forky. Throughout the movie, we see Forky convinced he’s just a plastic spork and belongs in the trashcan. But through his adventures with Woody, he realizes that he is important to Bonnie and will do whatever it takes to get back to Bonnie and make her happy. His pure and cute personality has captured many hearts, but in the special scene, we see when Forky finds his “kinda” girlfriend in “Knifey”.

In this design, we focused on keepings the familiar light-hearted details, from Andy’s clouds on the top, to the plastic utensils around the main design. The fun and cute typeface was custom created specially to match this design. “My Kinda Trash” is a play off of how Forky and Knifey see themselves when they ponder why they’re alive. In the center we see our two Lovestruck friends happily holder each other’s pipe cleaners and smiling and staring at each other lovingly.

With custom hand drawn artwork by Ricky, this design is truly unique and special. This design will bring a smile to your face every time you see it and remind you of the innocence of these two odd toys that have become very special to Bonnie, and were lucky enough to find someone who compliments them and is truly their kinda trash.


Women's Tanks:
Flowy Tanks - White, Black, Peach, Light Blue, Sunset
Muscle Tanks - Black, White, Peach, Dusty Blue, Sunset

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