Off to Neverland [Revamp] - Unisex Tees + Tanks

  • $28.00


"I wish we never had to grow up - Off to Neverland!"

Originally inspired by the “Wishes” fireworks spectacular, this design features Peter Pan’s famous wish – that we never had to grow up.  This design is made for those of us who don’t want to grow up too fast and wish we could stay young, even if only at heart, forever. Just like the magic of Neverland, where everything is possible and magic happens everywhere, we can carry that with us and leave pixie dust wherever we go!


In this design, we are looking at the London sky - the Big Ben right in the middle where the story takes place.  Wendy and the kids took the first step believing the magic and flying behind Peter Pan with the help of Tinkerbell's pixie dust. The curling flourish lines symbolize the clouds in the nighttime sky, with the children flying through them on their adventure. While using the whimsical frame and typefaces to match the magical feeling of the movie, we emphasized the words “grow up” and “Neverland” to immediately make you immerse yourself and take you into the story.  And throughout the design there're lots of Hidden Mickeys - Can you find them all?

Two Print options are available, in a variety of styles and colors to make lots of matching possibilities. Whether fighting some pirates at sea, visiting Peter or Tink in the Parks, or even enjoying some magic at home, this design will make sure we never grow up and keep our lives full of pixie dust.


Unisex Crew Necks:

Black, Navy, Forest


Unisex V-Necks:

Black, Navy


Unisex Tanks:

Black, Navy