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Princess. General. Rebel.

Inspired by our late Princess, this design is a tribute to one of the most iconic and inspiring female actresses and characters in film history. More than JUST a princess, she was also instrumental in the destruction of the Death Star and continued fighting for her entire life to restore balance to the force. As Princess, she used R2D2 to send out a message asking for assistance and helped Luke and Han destroy the Death Star and defeat Darth Vader. As General, she helped the next generation of the Resistance continue fighting to end the tyranny began by the Empire. But more than anything, she encompasses the “Rebel” spirit to save herself and the world around her.

This design features the Rebel Alliance “Starbird” symbol, also known as the Phoenix, which was meant to symbolize the rise of Galactic Republic after defeating the Galactic Empire. In the Distressed print option, we chose to include an interpretation that is said to have been chosen by Leia herself as “a flag… a symbol of hope”, which features writing surrounding the symbol. This insignia is now well known as a symbol of hope throughout the Star Wars fandom, and inspires us all to keep fighting.

Other versions of this design include a Vintage Gold print, reminiscent of the 1970s when the first film was released and also a traditional Rebel Flag version in Yellow and White, to compliment the traditional Star Wars color schemes. We also have distressed options to give them a retro vibe.

For more than 40 years, Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia has been a huge symbol for women, girls and everyone across the world that we can be more than just a princess – that we can be strong, that we can be leaders, that we can ask for help and take command, and most importantly, that in the face of tyranny, we can even become a Rebel.


Women’s Tees + Tanks


Hi/Lo Muscle Tees - Celestial Black, Leia White

Slouchy Tees - Celestial Black, Galactic Heather Navy Triblend, Leia White



Women's Tanks (Flowy Tanks, Muscle Tanks)

[SPECIAL] Ultimate Rebel Edition - Unisex Crew Necks + Women's Slouchy Tees

Unisex Tees + Tanks (Crew Necks, V-Necks, Tanks)

Youth Tees + Tanks (Crew Necks, Flowy Tanks)

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