Spellbound - Women's Glitter Hoodie

  • $50.00

This style is said to run small! We suggest sizing up one from your Flowy Tank size.


From the moment it was released, the enchanting tale of Harry and his friends have left many of us truly “Spellbound” – that was the inspiration for this new design! Whether spending time sipping butterbeer in the parks or at home enjoying your own concoction, whether watching the moves, snuggling up with the books, or spending days in Hogsmead, we wanted this design to transport you to the world of magic that has captured our hearts.

In this design we use a wizard-inspired typeface for the word “Spellbound”, but with custom added magical and enchanting nods to the original story. Key elements from the stories, such as the Sorting Hat, Harry’s broom, the snitch, time turner, Harry’s wand and glasses. Inside the letter “D” is a special creature, representative of the four Hogwarts houses and the owls which help deliver important mail in the story. Using distressed elements to show the “roughness” of their adventures, and added stars throughout the design to add a whimsical nature, this design is perfect for any day you need an extra dose of magic.

Whether casting your charms alone or with friends, house pride colors are available, as well as other magical styles to help you embrace your inner wizard!


Color Options: Black Glitter or Navy Glitter

Design Options: Owl, Lion, Eagle, Serpent


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