The Evening Star is Shining Bright - Unisex Tees

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"The Evening Star Is Shining Bright, So Make A Wish And Hold On Tight" 

Tiana opens the Happily Ever After Fireworks show with this line and welcomes us with a longing gaze into the big bright star to “Make a wish and hold on tight”. This scene encourages us to “dig a little deeper” and hold onto our biggest dreams so one day they can come true, just like Tiana’s.

In this design, we want to recreate the feeling of night time starlight shining down onto the forest pond on Tiana’s journey, being beautiful and magical at the same time.  On the top, the Evening Star is shining brightly to draw in our attention with beautiful green flourishes symbolizing vines and vegetation on the pond. Ray, the loving firefly is looking up at his belle Evangeline, unbeknownst to him, she is truly just a star. Prince Naveen is shown in his frog form, sitting on big leaves, also dreaming of truly being free and making his own wish. Our Princess Tiana appears on a big vine and is looking up at the evening star, smiling and making her wish while twinkles appear around her. Her detailed and gorgeous gown sparkles under the star lights. At the bottom we see the gentle misunderstood alligator Louis who is holding his trumpet as he wishes to be a human being so he can play in a jazz band. Accented with fireflies around the design, the yellow sparkles light up the bayou, making it mysterious and magical.

Whether meeting your favorite Princess, spending the day eating beignets, walking around Port Orleans, a trip to NoLa, or even just embracing your inner princess to dream big, this design is meant to encourage you to look up to the sky, make your wish, and hold on tight.




Unisex Crew Necks: Black, Navy, Leaf, Natural

Unisex V-Necks: Black, Navy, Heather Green


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