The Good Stuff - Unisex Tees, Tanks, + Raglans

Ignite the Magic

  • $28.00

If You Are What You Eat, Then I Only Want The Good Stuff


Beginning with our favorite “little chef”, Remy is holding herbal spices as he prepares to share his passion of cooking with his loved ones. Underneath is his mentor, the ghost of Chef Auguste Gusteau, who is observing Remy and knows he will make him proud. Emile, Remy’s brother, is sitting next to the Eiffel Tower snacking on random food he just found, while the Eiffel Tower reflects the color of France’s flag. At the top of the tower and accenting the design is Gusteau’s five star sign which our friend helped restore.

To capture the essence of a magical Parisian night, our newest design is accented by stars surrounding the design, as well as hidden elements of important ingredients from the film AND Remy’s own ratatouille adventure ride!Cheese, a baguette, wine, grapes and herbal spices add an extra flare of elegance and make it perfect for your next foodie adventure!

Whether making a stop in France (real or Epcot France), or simply needing to channel your inner “little chef”, this design and phrase - “if you are what you eat then I only want the good stuff” will remind you to preserve and pursue your dreams, just like Remy did.


Crew Neck - Black, Navy, Dark Chocolate*, Maroon, Forest Green
V-Neck - Black, Navy*, Dark Chocolate*, Forest Green*
Tank - Black*, Navy*
Star Tee - Black
Raglan - Red Sleeve/Black Center, Navy Sleeves/Denim Center, Charcoal Sleeves/Black Center


* Available up to 2XL


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