Blooming Princess - Garden Version

  • $28.00

Limited quantity available this week for the launch.
"The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is the Most Rare And Beautiful of All"  

This phrase said by the Emperor sums up how brave and courageous Mulan is. Despite the belief that only men are strong enough to join the army, Mulan sacrifices herself to save her father. Even when she was shunned by her fellow soldiers and captain, she still knew she had to help save her country and proved to everyone that even a girl can be strong. This story is important for everyone as it shows that if you believe in yourself, even if you face adversity, you can achieve many great things and "bloom" into the person that you are meant to be. 
This special shirt is one that will start a conversation. With flowers blooming just in time for Spring, this shirt is also perfect for celebrating both the Chinese Lunar New Year and Disney's Flower and Garden Festival. This shirt will bring honor to your family (and will not bring dishonor to your cow).


Click here to view the Lunar version of this print.

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