Welcome to the Grid - Women's Glitter Hoodie

Ignite the Magic

  • $49.99

With its awe-inspiring out grid with dazzles internet the evening to its futuristic lightcycle ride cars, it’s an amazing experience from start to finish. And we took the opening of this new attraction as an opportunity to create a brand new design.


Infamous for its two light-up wheels, this new design centers on the iconic lightcycle vehicle. A tron-esque hidden Mickey is connected to the word “GRID” at the bottom. The letter “o” in welcome features the disc used by the characters in the movie. “GRID” appears in the classic Tron typeface. Taking inspiration from the film’s decor, we included futuristic elements to create movement in the design, as the grid expands when entering to create a world unlike any other.


For the vintage sci-fi fan, tron-stan or your casual disneybounder, this tee was designed to give every fan a unique piece of futuristic art to bring magic to their daily life. Go team blue!

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