You Ain't Never Had a Friend in Me - Unisex Tees, Tanks, Raglans

Ignite the Magic

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 Deep within the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin made a huge discovery – a magic lamp with a very special Genie inside! This Genie helped and eventually was freed by Aladdin, but showed him that he truly “Aint Never Had a Friend Like [Genie]”.

Whether spending time in the Agrabah Market at Disney World, visiting the Morocco Pavilion in Epcot, or getting to meet your favorite Theif and Princess at the parks, this design pays homage to one of the greatest characters in the Disney Universe. We wanted to celebrate the important friends of Aladdin in this design, so along with Genie, the troublemaker Abu and the reliable Magic Carpet also make an appearance. When wearing this shirt, you’re proudly telling everyone, you’re not only down for an adventure, but you’ll help them see it through! (and maybe you’ll even conjure up some elephants and a giant parade)


To frame this design, we used classic Arabian style motifs and fonts to show the connection to the culture of Arabia. The Genie is shown in the center engaging with the Magic Carpet, while Abu hangs off the side, probably trying to swipe some more treasure. The gold colors of the background resemble the treasure from the Cave of Wonders, while Genie rises out of the lamp, where he was imprisoned for thousands of years.

In Aladdin’s story, friendship is important – whether coming to your friend’s rescue, giving them advice, freeing them from a lamp, helping them escape the Cave of Wonders, or even battling Jafar, Aladdin and his friends prove their bond can stand every trial they face.

Whether enjoying the remake or classic renditions of this story, or getting the chance to embrace your inner Genie, we want this shirt to help you make a bold statement – they ain’t never had a friend like you!


Unisex Tees + Raglans:
Crew Necks - Black, Navy, Deep Teal, Forest
V-Necks - Black, Navy
Ralgans - Red Sleeves
Tanks - Black, Navy

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