You've Got a Friend in Me [REVAMP] - Unisex Tie Dye Tees

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The Toys are back in town, so we’ve revamped our fan-favorite design for the new movie release!

In this design we can find the brand new “toy” Forky running away with the tiles “M” and “E” that comprise our phrase “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, while everyone else is trying to piece it back together – just like Forky’s addition brings new adventures to the group. Full of innocence and confusion, Forky is disrupting the daily life that our toys are accustomed to. Andy’s signature clouds are at the top, with two of our friends from outer space hiding behind them. Their other alien friend is trying to place the tile “A” while holding onto the bar. Buzz Lightyear is coming to the rescue by grabbing the tiles that spells out “FRIEND”. And of course, our best cowgirl Jessie is chilling on the left side, resting her right arm and balancing the tile “I” with her feet, while she’s smiling and observing Forky’s chaotic situation. We’ve also added two other new characters – Bunny and Ducky, the new adorable and funny carnival plush duo, who are also observing the situation. Just like a true carnival plush, Bunny has a hook on his head and he is hooked onto the Scrabble Board.

The main focus of this design is Forky – the toy that doesn’t want to be a toy, nervously running as fast as he can. Our Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy Hero, Woody, is also here to save the day – just like a good sheriff that’s trying to keep the peace, Woody is chasing Forky to get the tiles back. Accentuating the design are iconic Toy Story symbols like the clouds, stars, and the infamous Luxo ball to recreate the fun and magical elements of this design.

Whether seeing the new film at the movies, visiting Andy's backyard at the parks, or embracing your inner “Toy” in your daily life, this special and unique design is full of the characters we all love and sure to bring some extra playfulness and magic to your day.

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