You've Got a Friend in Me (Revamp + Original Prints) - Unisex Sweatshirts + Hoodies

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Toy Story Mania, one of the Must Dos in Hollywood Studios, based on one of the most beloved and iconic Pixar films ever.
This design is inspired by the huge scrabble board sign that's hanging on the building across from Toy Story Mania, an area many of us know well. The scrabble board letters spell out "You've got a friend in me", just like the famous theme song from the Toy Story. 
In this design, you can see Woody, Buzzlightyear and Bullseye standing side by side on the "friend" tiles, just as they're best friends in life. And just below them is our cowgirl Jessie being her playful self, breaking the tiles apart while Mr. Potato-head is looking concerned at her. And let's not forget the cute dog Slinky showing off his super extension ability!
Around the top of the design we have the adorable aliens and the clouds that match the wall paper in Andy's room and the stars at the bottom symbolize the beauty and love of toys that we all should remember, even after we "grow up"!
This shirt is not just perfect for your trip to Hollywood Studios, but all Disney parks!  And it's definitely a must have for celebrating next year's grand opening of the new Toy Story Land!


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