Away to His Castle We'll Go, To Be Happy Forever I Know - Unisex Raglans

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And Away to His Castle We'll Go, To Be Happy Forever I Know

In December 1937, the world was introduced to our first Disney Princess – Snow White. What spawned both a major feat in animation and created a collection of stories that we all know and love today, her story is one of the most beloved fairytales of all time.

When trying to create a design that is faithful to her story and retains the essence of Snow White, we made this design extra whimsical. First we see the lovely Snow White holding the iconic red apple, matching her red lips and smiling, with her puffy shoulder red and blue top – her classic imagery. Surrounded by her cute animal friends – birds, squirrels, and rabbits, waiting for her beautiful singing voice and friendly presence.

All the typefaces in this design are custom made for this design – giving the vintage glamour to the classic storybook fonts and flourishes. We can also see the design is decorated with gems from the seven dwarf’s mining, with flower and falling golden snow to add the elegant touch to finish the design. The lines are from her classic song “Some Day My Prince Will Come” – invoking the dreams of a fairytale romance and wedding, waiting for Prince Charming to arrive.

Whether meeting Snow White, playing at the parks, or enjoying her film at home, this design is a must for fairytale fans. And also is perfect for Disney Brides looking to add to their wedding wardrobe. 

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