At Last I See the Light

At the climax of Rapunzel and Flynn’s journey, they venture into the water and finally see the floating lanterns that Rapunzel has been waiting to see for as long as she can remember. While seeing the lanterns rise and float around them, Rapunzel and Flynn realize their journey has brought them together and given them each a new dream.

Taking inspiration from the magical night scene of Rapunzel outside the castle, we decided to use black for the gradient print to showcase the colors. Reusing the lines at the top of the design and adding an elegant flourish to embrace the “fairytale” aspect of the story. The letter “H” is given center stage in this design, becoming Rapunzel’s tower with her long, gorgeous hair flowing down to create the letter. At the bottom we see Flynn and Rapunzel’s silhouette in the boat holding hands, surrounding by numerous floating lanterns through the design, showcasing the romantic feel of the design. Since they are on a quiet lake, their reflection can also be seen, showcasing the kiss in the boat that was interrupted.

Using Rapunzel’s colors, the gradient from yellow gold to purple compliments the nighttime scene, while the glowing lanterns form a heart shape from the lighter colors at the bottom, gradually to darker to symbolize them fading away into the night sky.

We decided to update our classic design with a new look and all the intricate details that our shop is known for. Perfect for meeting your favorite lost princess, or even embracing her on your own, this gorgeous design will be stand out amongst the crowd, just like if you had magic hair that glows when your sing.