Beverly The Taste of Italy - Unisex Tees + Tanks

Ignite the Magic

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One of the park's signature beverages, the Italian soda called “Beverly” is a classic rite-of-passage at Club Cool. Among the various samples from around the world, everyone enjoys making their family try the Beverly! All the beverages have their own distinct flavor, but no other drinks gets more attention and fun reactions! With bitter Grapefruit Rind flavor components, it has a taste that’s sure to surprise you and delight your family when they see your expression!

The beverage was first created in 1969 and was formally discontinued in 2009 but is still available at a few locations in the world!

In this very fun, yet elegant design, we stay true to the retro aspect of Beverly's look. The distressed typeface styles and it's drop shadows are reflective of the vintage era it was created in. The bubbles around the design showcase it's carbonated nature and add that fizzling soda look.

This shirt is perfect for the Beverly fan in your life, as a funny gag gift, or for anyone who enjoys funny shirts. It will definitely enhance your trip around the World Showcase and people might actually strike up a conversation with you simply because it's such an iconic beverage!



Unisex Styles:
Raglans - Royal Blue Sleeves
Crew Necks - Black, Navy, Royal, Red
V-Necks - Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Red
Tanks - Black, Navy, Royal, Red