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Maleficent, one of the most iconic characters from Sleeping Beauty, was first introduced in 1959 and was recently brought to life in 2014. From her long black cloak, green hued skin and purple accents, Imagineers have centered her as the quintessential Disney Villain.


Starting with Maleficent‚Äôs horns, recognizable from nearly anywhere, our design is inspired by her harsh affection for Princess Aurora. Blending fantasy with elegance, ‚Äúhello‚ÄĚ appears in Maleficent‚Äôs bright green accent color in a script typeface, curling into ‚ÄúBeastie‚ÄĚ, which is more villainous in its straight and pointed presentation. ‚ÄúBeastie‚ÄĚ becomes Aurora‚Äôs nickname, evidencing Maleficent‚Äôs hidden maternal nature. In the film, Maleficent is Queen Fairy of the Moors, a magical forest realm full of magical creatures. In the design, we pay tribute to the Moors and Maleficent‚Äôs home with hand drawn vines and flowers in a dark, mythical purple, contrasting Maleficent‚Äôs sinister appearance and attitude with the bright and glowing Pink and Coral colors, much like the bright kindness that followers her wherever she goes. Accented with dark gray flourishes, mimicking Maleficent‚Äôs gorgeous wings, this design uses the flourishes to complete this tribute to the villain we‚Äôve all come to admire.


Whether enjoying a night at the Villains After Hours event, spending a day at the Magic Kingdom, enjoying Fantasmic at Disneyland or Disney World, or simply when you want to embrace your inner Mistress of Evil, this shirt is perfect for all Disney Villain fans.


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