Meet Me at the Briar Patch - Unisex Tees

Ignite the Magic

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Whether you're visiting Critter Country or find yourself in Frontierland, this design is the perfect addition to your Park-Inspired Wardrobe. A classic and well-loved Disney attraction, Splash Mountain first opened at Disneyland California in 1989 and is known for its catchy tunes, deep drops, and iconic family ride photos.

In the Character Print design, you can see the one and only famous Br'er Rabbit riding the Splash Mountain log flume while making a big splash and having a great time with his signature pink shirt and red travel bag over his shoulder.  Inspired by the Vintage Western Theme, the typeface was custom made for this design. Just like the vines found throughout the Briar Patch located at the bottom of Splash Mountain, the words are made of rough thorns. The shaky movement found throughout the word placement mimics the style of the ride. Are you ready to make a "splash" with this awesome shirt?  


The Original Print design focuses on the rustic Vintage Western style of the ride and emphasizes the classic side of the attraction with more thorns spread throughout. With many style and color options, this is a perfect way to match with your Disney friends and family!

This design was created as a great option for trips to the park and for your daily life. 



Crew - Navy, Black, Ginger, Royal Pine*

V-Neck - Navy, Black, Ginger, Royal Pine*


*Not pictured

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