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It’s the most Haunted time of year again! Where all the spooky decorations are visible all over the Magic Kingdom. It’s also one of the most exciting times to be at the parks, with Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World and Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland. One of the original attractions at the parks, and with a presence in all Disney Parks worldwide, the Haunted Mansion is a perfect way to embrace your inner spook with a Disney twist! And now we bring THE must-have design for all Halloween and Haunted Mansion fans everywhere!


Focusing on the classic attraction at Magic Kingdom, we’ve included all of the favorite spooks and characters that we’ve grown to love over the years. Starting from the top center, Madame Leota’s head is floating in a misty crystal ball. Summing ghosts from the spirit world, gorgeous Victorian style décor that you can see around the mansion surrounds her, with the gargoyle statues holding candles on top. Inside the “H” in the word “Haunted” is the classic grandfather clock, with 13 hours instead of 12. Next to it is one of the most recognizable characters from Haunted Mansion, the infamous “tight-rope girl”. She’s standing on the rope with an alligator underneath, waiting for her to fall. Then we see the singing busts from the graveyard scene, including one that has seen better days and is broken, just like in the attraction. Another iconic figure is Constance Hatchaway, ready to search for another husband. The classic candelabra is floating in the center of the design, just like in the hallway. The “M” in the word “Mansion” features the classic wallpaper with sinister eyes, synonymous with the Haunted Mansion. And in the bottom corner, the three Hitch-hiking ghosts that we know to be weary of make an appearance. They want you to give them a ride but they play tricks on you and your friends. Throughout the design you can also see beautifully haunting vines wrapping around, showing the old age and history of the building, just like you’d find outside.

This shirt, while made for the fall, is perfect for any visit to the theme parks – going to the Halloween parties, or just any day you want to embrace your inner “Foolish Mortal”, this shirt will surely stand out. Whether you’re hurrying back soon or enjoying time in the AC, the Haunted Mansion is a must-do for everyone, and now you can be another happy haunt with this design everywhere you go!


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