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This electric and cool design is inspired by the Wreck It Ralph films. Made for those who are fans of the movie and also those who feel like they want to embrace themselves and their “glitch”, which makes them a unique individual. If you’re like Vanellope, chasing your dreams and not afraid of being rebellious and weird, this is the perfect shirt for you!

The basis of this design was a retro throwback Arcade color scheme combined with the new modern video game styles. Like Vanellope, the word “Glitch” mimics her insecurities about herself, her emotions and her choices in the movies. On the left we can see the word “Average” repeated, but as it repeats, it becomes more broken and glitchy. This symbolizes how “average” things in life do not stand out on their own and fade into the background. In the center is a silhouette of our heroine Vanellope. She has her classic ponytail, iconic hoodie, and even her sweet candy in her hair. Most importantly, she’s on her way to see Ralph to give him his medal. “You’re my hero”, a medal especially made for her favorite stink-brain, it reminds them that their friendship connects them together, even when they’re apart.

Details in the background include circuit board patterns, much like their new adventure “into” the internet, powered by candy. Even though Vanellope moves onto a bigger and more dangerous game, her heart is still connected to her Candy Crush game.

This print will inspire those who feel like they don’t fit in and remind them that embracing their “glitch” is what makes them special. By being proud of who we are, whether that be a Wrecker like Ralph, a Princess, a Racer, or even a “Glitch”, we can find the place we belong.


Styles + Colors:

Unisex Crew - Black
Unisex V-Neck - Black
Unisex Raglan - Red Sleeves/Black Center
Unisex Raglan - Charcoal Sleeves/Black Center
Unisex Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee - Black
Unisex Jersey - Solid Black
Unisex Jersey - Black Glitter
Women's Racerback Flowy Tank - Black
Women's Muscle Tank - Black
Women's Hi/Lo Muscle Tee - Black

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