What's Coming Will Come & We'll Meet It When It Does - Unisex Tees, Tanks, + Jerseys

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A quote said by Hagrid, and repeated at the end of the Goblet of Fire, this quote is a perfect phrase to get us through all that our Muggle lives encounter. Hagrid and his special brand of comfort and advice play an important role in Harry discovering his own strengths and figuring out how to solve the problems at hand throughout his time at Hogwarts.

For this design we focused on emulating vintage motorcycle logos and ads. Featuring his signature motorbike and sidecar, these two friends are continuing their journey through the magical world around them. Because of his positions as groundskeeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher, we included some of the magical creatures we encounter in the stories and the Motorbike Adventure ride – From Hedwig, the owl that was given to Harry from Hagrid at the beginning of their story, to the Cornish pixies that appear during a Defense Against the Dark Arts class in year 2. Creating movement through the design are brass colored elements, contrasting with the dark color of the shirts and text in whimsical typography in the classic magically inspired colors.

Given how much Hagrid’s presence has affected Harry’s life, and in turn, all of our own, we wanted to pay homage to their friendship. Even in our darkest of times, when we feel unsure of what will happen in the future, we can make it through if we believe in ourselves and the courage of our friends.

Whether experiencing a magic-filled day at the parks, creating magic at home or wherever your adventure takes you, this design will remind you that “what’s coming will come & we’ll meet it when it does”.


Unisex Tees:

Crew Necks - Black, Navy, 

V-Necks - Black, Navy

Tank Tops - Black, Navy

Unisex Jersey:

Solid Black, Black Glitter, Navy


More Style Options:

Women's Tanks + Tees

Adventure Edition - Unisex Tees, Jersey, + Women's Tee


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